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Our Values

We seek to be a sign that love and community are possible between all people; to awaken and inspire the imagination in others for shared life with the stranger; to nurture and tend intentional communities to be spaces of belonging where friendships extending acceptance, listening and grace may be built.


With an open heart  we embrace our differences, intentionally creating  spaces where all of us can contribute and learn from one another.  


We companion one another, nudging each other toward greater trust and openness. With open eyes we see and celebrate the good in each other.


We cultivate community life in which every person feels important and accepted and can grow in their own gifts.


We give thoughtful care to our buildings, our spaces, and each other, honouring the fragility and resilience of one another and our environment.


We offer one another forgiveness knowing that we sometimes love poorly, acts of restoration knowing that we are all in this together, and laughter knowing that it is the best medicine.

Our Values
Our People

Our Staff :

We are group of learners and co-creators at Co:Here. In all that we do, we try and nurture a sense of connection and community building - whether it's in sharing the work (Tidy Tuesdays!), co-writing policies (Community Handbook), or meeting with Tenants 1:1. The Salsbury Team is a dynamic and skilled group of folks that have a heart for neighbouring, learning, and working together.

Jeanette provides overall leadership, strategic direction and management to the Co:Here building and community. As well as communication, fundraising and human resources, Jeanette has provided organizations with strategic policy development, program management, evaluation, successful grant writing, human resource support and organizational leadership.

Jeanette Moss
Director of Strategy + Development

Coming soon!

Joining March 2023!
New Building Manager

Esther manages the administrative tasks and office space at Co:Here. She works closely with the Board of Directors Finance Committee on the annual operating and reserve budgets, and with residents on room bookings, rent, and other administrative tasks. Esther has a background in International Development and Biology, as well as experience leading interns and facilitating community-based organizing while working in the Downtown Eastside.

Esther Nam
Hospitality & Admin Manager

Our People

Like our logo, Salsbury Community Society is made up of many dots: staff and board members, the individuals we welcome and serve, and those who volunteer and partner with us.

Our Community :

The Co:Here community brings together people from different economic backgrounds in a mutually transformative, supportive and nurturing environment that allows all people to flourish. Because of this, Co:Here is a building full of community meals, friendships with neighbours, and shared responsibility. 


The Community Builders Group (2 tenants from each floor, and a SCS staff person) meets regularly to equip tenants and staff to deepen Co:Here’s shared life and growing community by coordinating decisions, support and education.

How long have you lived at Co:Here?

Coming September 2022 will be two years

What do you like about living here?

I love the community & the support that I get from my neighbors and the staff. Ever since I moved here I have never felt safer! If I don't have to, I will never move.

What’s one thing you’ would change about it?

I wouldn't change a thing!!



How long have you lived at Co:Here?

Four and a half years

What do you like about living here?

My own space & privacy

What’s one thing you’d change about it?

Make it bigger for more people



How long have you lived at Co:Here?

 4 years - since it opened

What do you like about living here?

I love the sense of community and knowing all of my neighbours

What’s one thing you’d change about it?

If I were to build co-here again I would add bigger suites (like a 3 bedroom) but the community aspect I would keep as is


Craig, Melia, Tessa (& Mocca the dog)

How long did you live at Co:Here?

 4 years 

What did you like about living here?

I loved getting to do day to day living - having real life moments with people in the building (grocery runs, I'm bored, let's hang out, etc.)

What’s one thing you’d change about it?

I'd like to see more Co:Heres in Vancouver - more housing of a similar nature



Our Board :

The SCS Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are passionate and curious about neighbouring and housing justice. Our board members come from a range of professional and lived experience backgrounds including non-profit finance, academics, social work, policy development, and community building. Together, we bring a range of perspectives and skillsets to bear on the policy and work of Salsbury Community Society.

Ericka Stephens-Rennie

Co-chair & Board Governance and Nominations Committee

Tim Roulson

Secretary, Finance Committee & Building Committee

IMG_20190126_121735 (1).jpg
Steve Screpnek

Vice Chair, Finance Committee &

Community Formation Committee

Crystal Chu

Treasurer &

Finance Committee

steve kim.JPG
Steve Kim

Co-chair, Finance Committee & Board Governance and Nominations Committee

Janet Pel


Nozomi Imanishi

Director & Chair of Community Formation Committee

Eanimi Agube


We are always looking for volunteers who can join us in our work. If you are interested in volunteering on-site (e.g. maintenance), on a committee, or on our board please reach out to Caitlin Adams on our Nominations Committee. Note that, for board members, we have a specific need for new members with experience in building maintenance, fundraising and donor development, law, and anti-oppressive practices.

Our Village:

There are many organizations that support our work of nurturing neighbourliness. 

In some cases we communicate with them regularly, and others’ it’s more organic and

as needed. Some of our community partners include: 

Just Work, SOCIALS (Stroke Recovery Club), KinbraceReach Medical Clinic &

Robert & Lily Lee Community Health, Grandview Church, The Kettle Society,

Grandview Woodlands Food Connection & Quest, Hey Neighbour Collective, Aunt Leah’s 


And these organizations support our work through providing resources,

information, encouragement and/or training: 

Co:here Foundation, Healing at the Wounding Place, Rivendell Retreat Center, Just Outcomes, Vantage Point, Vancity, BC Not-For-Profit Housing Association, Landlord BC, Hawthorne Foundation, Seacliff Foundation, Tenth Ave Church, Arocha Canada

Salsbury Community Society extends a special thank you to:
Hawthorne Foundation, Seacliff Foundation, Vancity, Grandview Church, Co:Here Foundation, and Dragon Fire Foundation for their partnership and support.

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